3 Reasons to Choose Udemy

Access to a Wide Range of Courses

  • One of the main benefits of Udemy is that it offers a vast range of courses in various disciplines, from programming, and digital marketing, to yoga and cooking.
  • As a learner, you have access to a diverse range of courses that you can take to improve your skills, knowledge, and personal development.

Flexible Learning

  • Udemy provides learners with the flexibility to learn at their own pace and on their schedule.
  • You can access course materials and lectures at any time and from any device, which means you can fit learning around your work, family, or other commitments.

Affordable Pricing

  • Udemy offers a wide range of courses at very affordable prices, making it an accessible platform for learners on a budget.
  • Additionally, Udemy frequently runs promotions and discounts, which means you can often get courses for significantly lower prices.
  • This affordability and accessibility make Udemy an excellent platform for learners who want to learn new skills without breaking the bank.

4 Quality Factors

  • For choosing a course on Udemy, I will suggest meaty courses which have course content worth more hours compared to the rest.
  • Why? As a beginner, you must be introduced to all of the unique selling points of a particular topic.

Course Quality

  • Instructor: Check for depth of teaching and technical knowledge with the background check from their Instructor profile.
  • Instructor Accent: Check whether you are comfortable with the instructor’s accents, whether you can understand what he is saying and whether the pace is agreeable for you.
  • Lectures: Check the video quality for production-grade lectures.
  • Note: Achieve the above tasks by viewing the preview videos of the course.


  • Number of Hours: Check for courses with more hours of content
  • More lectures per section: Check for a decent amount of lectures added for each important section/topic.


  • Course Outline: Check whether all of the important topics are covered.
  • Projects: Check whether there are practical projects or key action items included in the course. (Optional)


  • Ratings: The higher number of ratings and the better score (4.5+), the better the course is.
  • Reviews: The more positive reviews, the better the course is.
  • Bestseller Tags: The bestseller tag denotes the top-selling courses on Udemy. (Optional)
  • Last updated: Check the last updated month & year info to check whether the course is up-to-date.

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Last Update: 27 December 2023