Java is a General-Purpose, High-Level, Object-Oriented Programming Language.

Java was developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems in 1995.

Who is James Gosling?

  • James Gosling OC (born 19 May 1955) is a Canadian computer scientist, best known as the founder and lead designer behind the Java programming language. (Credits: Wikipedia)
James Gosling - Founder of Java Programming Language

5 Principles of Java 📝

There were 5 main goals followed during the creation of the Java Programming Language:

  1. It must be Simple, Object-Oriented & Familiar
  2. It must be Robust & Secure
  3. It must be Architecture-neutral & Portable
  4. It must be Execute with High Performance
  5. It must be Compiled, Interpreted, Threaded & Dynamic

Why is Java so popular?

  • Platform Independence
  • Fundamentally Object-Oriented
  • Easy to learn
  • Versatile

Use Cases of Java

  • Building Andriod Apps (Natively) 📱
  • Java Web Applications 🍃
  • Software Tools
  • Scientific Applications
  • … and many more

Who Am I?

  • I’m Aswin Barath, a Software Engineering Nerd who loves building Web Applications and sharing my knowledge through Blogging 
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